Welcome to BlueKennel!

Welcome to my new blog! I invite you to respond, comment, and make suggestions through your own comments on the blog.

This blog will cover subjects that interest me from the realms of world events, politics, religion, history, morality, ethics, travel, health and medicine, law, and the arts. In other words, it will be pretty wide ranging. My sources will likely be books, periodicals such as The Economist, The Week, World, and my own life experiences.

Needless to say, BlueKennel is not intended to be an alternate channel to present grant requests to me. All requests for grants should continue to be submitted to my office, my philanthropic arm Fieldstead & Company, and any posting to the blog that requests, even implicitly, a grant, a loan, a request for me to use my influence to obtain a grant or loan from someone else, or any other kind of favor will be deleted.

Steven Ferguson serves as the Managing Editor of the blog, and all usage questions and technical issues should be addressed to Chris Meadows, the Technical Manager of the blog.

I intend to have some fun with BlueKennel and to expand my learning through conversations with others of similar interests, although sometimes not, I expect, similar points of view.

I invite you to join in the conversation.

Howard Ahmanson

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