BlueKennel Declares It’s First Official Consumer Boycott!

I had heard about all this before, but this explanation [link to Rohrlich] by Justin Rohrlich on the evils of corn (maize, for non-North Americans) based ethanol as opposed to sugar based ethanol explains not only the situation, but the history of how the situation came to be.

But why should we just sit and grind our teeth? Blue Kennel calls on all its fans, and fans of fans, and fans of fans of fans, to



Ask your ethanol dealer. It may be, that for the political reasons that Rohrlich describes, corn based ethanol may be unavailable to you. In that case,

  1. Use pure petroleum gasoline or diesel with no ethanol in it.
  2. If you require ethanol, and live near Canada or Mexico, find out whether sugar based ethanol is available in either of those countries. (And let me know so I can publicize that fact.) And drive across the freakin border to get your fuel.

That’s enough for now. I am contemplating calling other follow-up boycotts in the future, but need a lot of research help.

One possibility is a boycott of Archer Daniels Midland. We’d have to find out how many consumer products they are involved in. I fear it’s a lot.

Another is a boycott of all foods and other consumer products that contain High-Fructose Corn Syrup. This requires a lot of research too. Most soft drinks and candies, and many snacks and crackers, contain it. I understand the Orthodox Jews use only corn-free sweets during Passover, so at that time corn-free products are usually available.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to check the labels on my microbrews, and get my whiskey-sippin’ friends to look on the labels of their bourbon and Tennessee whiskey!

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