More on Healthcare: A Libertarian Speaks Well of the French System

Readers of the libertarian magazine Reason were shocked recently to find that one of the editors of that magazine, Matt Welch, has spoken highly of the French health care system.  Mr. Welch is married to a French woman, and he spends 90 percent of the time in the U.S. while getting most of his health care in France.  Here’s why:

“Why I Prefer French Healthcare” by

I think that what Welch has to say is well said.  And, in addition, here is Jonathan Rauch on if airlines were run like health care.

“If Airline Travel Worked Like Healthcare” by

Rauch made an interesting choice.  The airlines, for a long time, were bad enough.  Their schedules, except for the closing time for baggage to be dropped off, were so aspirational and dependent on perfect conditions to be fulfilled that they were, in my view, lies.  It would be very difficult for me to comment on the airline industry within the terms of the Kennel Kode!

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