Living Like a Liberal

In this article Matt Labash explains how being liberal, or progressive, is becoming more than a political belief but a way of life – I would almost say a spirituality of sorts. The text, he says, is Justin Krebs” work “538 Ways to Live Work and Play Like a Liberal.” Ultimately, this is a trend to encourage. Liberalism will evolve in the direction of being a sort of spirituality and even a religion. And when that happens, we can declare “separation of church and state!” and declare liberalism excluded from public political discourse on religious grounds.

I would remind my readers that I may be a Democrat, but I”m not a “liberal” (progressive) of the sort Labash and Krebs describe. I confess that I tend toward being a Crunchy Con. Crunchy Cons adopt many of the lifestyle features that Krebs recommends, but they do not accept most aspects of the progressive world view in matters political, social, or theological. I think Crunchy Con-ism is the best way of enjoying the best of liberal culture without buying into its foolishness.

Read “Living Like a Liberal” by Matt Labash at The Weekly Standard

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