Election Recommendations – November 2010

Partisan Office: I was rather disappointed in the Democrats, so I voted Republican on all partisan offices.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Larry Aceves.  I checked the Internet and his opponent, Tom Torlakson, is the one endorsed by the Teachers Unions.

Judges: I voted NO on all, but I had failed to do my research.  I should have voted YES on Ming Chin.  He voted to uphold the important Proposition 8.

Schoolboards and Community College Boards: Insufficient knowledge of the personalities involved; left blank.

City Council of Newport Beach: Insufficient knowledge of persons, left blank.  In Costa Mesa or Irvine, it would have been easier to get good information.


19.  Legal sale and marketing of marijuana without ‘medical’ excuse.  YES.  The drug war has failed.  It’s not a ‘rights’ issue to me, just the most prudent way to handle the matter.

20.  Apportionment commission, currently handling State Assembly and State Senate, to have U. S. House of Representatives added to its responsibility.  YES.

21.  Vehicle license fee of $18 per year for support of state park system.  YES.

22.  Restores to local governments money plundered from them by the state.  Unfortunately also restores money to redevelopment districts. I decided to trust Christopher Norby on this one.  NO.

23.  Suspends AB 32, harsh “global warming prevention” law, until unemployment falls to a certain level.  YES.

24.  Suspends certain tax incentives for business.  NO.

25.  Eliminates the requirement of a 2/3 vote to approve the state budget.  Maintains 2/3 requirement for some taxes.  YES.  Instead of relying on a 1/3 rump to protect us, let’s throw the bums out if we don’t like what they do.  I might favor keeping the 2/3 requirement for raising some taxes, if we also had a requirement that ballot box budget setasides like the notorious Proposition 98 – and yes, the Prop 21 above that belongs in the same category – would have to be supported by 2/3 of the electorate also!

26.  Requires a 2/3 vote to increase any fee.  NO.

27.  Would eliminate redistricting commission and return redistricting to the legislature.  NO.

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