A New Word – ‘Blurb’

In the old days a ‘blurb’ was a positive promotional recommendation statement on a book jacket.  I have done a few myself.  Now we are informed by the developer of Civita, an urban infill project in San Diego, that ‘blurb’ really means a cross between suburban and urban.  Are they going to put a picture of it on a book jacket?

As for villages, I live in one myself.  Fine and dandy.  Very nice to have shops, bars, and restaurants you can walk to.  But most people are not going to want to be limited to the retail and recreational opportunities of their ‘village,’ nor even to those one can reach by good public transport from said ‘village,’ and most particularly, most people are not going to be able to be limited to the job opportunities reachable on foot or by public transit from one’s ‘village.’

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