Occupy and the Teachers Unions

The goals of the Occupy movement are mystifying enough as it is without their apparently accepting the teachers’ unions in their ranks.  While admittedly teachers are not among the 1%, they are certainly not among the “least of these,” and they and other public sector unions may not be among the ‘rich’ but they are certainly ‘rich’ in political power, which is another kind of wealth.  There is a lot of overlap, perhaps too much, between the financially rich and the politically powerful, but they are by no means identical.  And the teachers’ unions have fought, most generally, to oppose government support of alternative forms of education – charter schools, religious schools, etc.

While the state has an interest in education, both for the sake of democratic wisdom in the people and for economic development, can it only be delivered through the ‘common school?’  The ‘common school’ originated in America, in a New England culture that had a ‘common church.’  And since we no longer have, and should not have, a ‘common church,’ there is no reason for a ‘common school.’

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