Some Vice-Presidential Speculation, Already

Obama’s recent attempt to force Catholic institutions to act contrary to their beliefs if they serve the public at large has tempted me to cross party lines and vote Republican for President this fall. So I might as well speculate on who the Republicans should nominate as vice president.

I think Mitt Romney will win the nomination, but Rick Santorum would make a good vice presidential nominee. He is a lot less of a loose cannon, or a hypocrite about marriage, than Newt Gingrich, who should not be taken seriously. And yes, Santorum did lose his Senate seat in Pennsylvania, to Bob Casey, who is fairly socially conservative himself, and whose father was not allowed to speak at the Democratic Convention in 1992 because of his anti-abortion views. Frankly, if Bob Casey had decided to run against Arlen Specter rather than Rick Santorum, many of Santorum’s supporters might actually have backed Casey!

Somewhat less pleasing to social conservatives as a vice presidential candidate, but possible, is Paul Ryan. He is not really a moderate, but he has at least proposed positive solutions to entitlements and other budget issues, rather than the mere Obama-bashing and negativity that so many other Republicans have resorted to. If the public is tired of mere negativity, and I think it is, Paul Ryan would be a good candidate.

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