Sign the Petition and Save the Fire Rings!!

The latest local government outrage is the attempt of the Newport Beach City Council to tear out the fire rings at Big Corona and other places.

Fortunately, they have to seek the approval of the Coastal Commission to do this.  There is a petition online here directed to both the city council and the Coastal Commission.

I can testify that the reasons supposedly given for pulling out the rings are utter bullshit.  I have never smelled any offensive odor from those rings.  My wife, who is one of the most persnickety people I know, has never found anything to complain of.  If anything, we enjoy the spectacle!  Is it that the wrong kind of people use them?  When I’ve walked down there at night I’ve heard lots of evangelical groups singing.  If you want a private beach, you should live in Emerald Bay not Old Corona.  Or, better yet, Woodbridge.

In response to: “Petition Surfaces in Response to Newport Beach’s Vote to Extinguish Fire Rings” by Nisha Gutierrez-Jaime at


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