Immigration Policy: Offending Everyone II: Whither Evangelicals?

If immigration is a ‘social issue,’ it is one that cuts very differently from the traditional social issues of abortion, euthanasia, and gender. And an anti-immigrant stance alienates a whole different set of people than conservatism on moral issues does. I’ll admit, as I may have said before, that I both think that the Dream Act should be passed and executed, and that ‘anchor babies’ born on U.S. soil to parents not legally in this country and not having their taxes withheld, or here on a tourist visa, should be declared to be not born “under the jurisdiction of the United States” and therefore not citizens till they apply for the Dream Act. I would revive the New Deal era Civilian Conservation Corps and make participation in it earn points for fulfilling the Dream Act. I would issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens if they can show insurance, and take the licenses away if they screw up or let their insurance lapse, and perhaps deport them. But evangelicals now seem to be also realizing that immigration is not like other ‘social issues.’ As a matter of fact, the strictly religious right has always been rather soft on immigration, because immigrants tend to be closer to the religious right’s view on most social issues than, on the average, are native born Americans.

In response to “Will Evangelicals’ Immigration Shift Mean Common Ground With Obama?” by David Sessions at The Daily Deast

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