No Place Like Home Conference – June 3, 2013

This conference is being hosted by me and others to discuss the current state of subsidized home ownership in America, something that has been happening since the end of World War II but since the 1970s has been less successful in building new homes affordable to working people, who have since had to rely mainly on ‘trickle down’ housing [the affluent buyers of new homes vacate other older ones, which are sold].  The conference was inspired by two things:

1.  I encountered Walter Russell Mead’s essays on the death of the American dream (The Death of the American Dream I and The Death of the American Dream II).

2.  A biography,  “Building Home:  Howard F. Ahmanson and the Politics of the American Dream”  of my father [who died in 1968 after pretty much inventing the savings and loan industry as it functioned in the mid twentieth century] by Eric John Abrahamson, came out earlier this year.  I and others were interviewed thoroughly for this biography.  This conference is partly intended to honor my father and help publicize this book.

I do hope that most of my readers will come if they can.  On-line registration can be had at


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