The Deals

There has been some unhappiness among the ‘base’ about President Trump’s recent agreement which might mean the continuation of Obama’s order protecting the Dreamers, those who were undocumented immigrants as children.  Excuse me. Mr. Trump was known for writing a book called The Art of the Deal. What exactly did you expect?

The vice presidency of Mike Pence, and the seat on the Supreme Court of Neil Gorsuch, was a deal he made with the weakening but not yet impotent Religious Right.  [I still say weakening, because if the Religious Right were really as strong as we used to think it was, Trump would not have won the Republican nomination.]  I do not think it was a matter of conviction.  I don’t know as he has any.  Currently he is still going along with efforts to restrict abortion, but I doubt that is because of any conviction other than ‘he needs those people’.

The homosexualists [I use this word to distinguish activists from the LGBT population as a whole] seem to fear him, but he had already launched his presidential campaign ten days before Obergefell came down, and the silence from him about it was deafening.  If I were a practicing gay, I would have no sleepless nights about him.

I think he does probably share, like most of the Republican donorate, a desire to cut certain taxes:  the corporate [which should be cut, though at the same time certain outrageous loopholes should be eliminated] and the top individual rate [which probably shouldn’t be cut].  I certainly don’t expect a balanced budget on his watch.

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