On the Inhabitants of LA and CA

From Derek Sivers, one of the best descriptions of Los Angeles life I’ve ever read, and a lot of it applies to Orange County, even though the OC is not so much a center of the entertainment industry.  [Before the crash of 1990; The Industry in Orange County was real estate development; it was to that industry what Hollywood is to entertainment.  It is no longer so dominant.]

It’s important who you know; Christians make an interesting application of this, as you might imagine.  They have displayed a recent tendency, in the last 40 years, to stop talking about “faith in Christ” and instead talk about “relationship with Christ” whatever that means, but this worldview may have been influenced by commercial realities such as we see here.

And, we also learn that the notorious flakiness of Southern Californians comes from their optimism, their belief that they can actually do what is asked of them, so they say Yes without counting the cost.  Maybe this is the time to bring in Siver’s other “HELL YEAH” post, and count the cost before we say yes to anything.  I remember driving on a new freeway bypassing Edinburgh, Scotland, some years ago, and there was a sign saying “Completed ahead of schedule.”  Well, perhaps those dour Scots were as pessimistic as possible about the schedule.  I would say, give me the dour Scots!

In response to: “Advice on moving to Los Angeles” by Derek Sivers at sivers.org

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